Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Nature Shop Review

If you live on the East coast, you know how rough the winter months can be. Vermont is notorious for rough and tumble, freezing awful winters, so having reliable, supportive, and proper winter gear is an absolute must. One of the top necessities is a good, strong, warm pair of boots....something I was lacking, but searching for all over. I stumbled upon Nature Shop, and was in love with their large selection of shoes and apparel for adults, infants, and children, but specifically, their winter boots. 

From their website:

"Nature Shop is an online retailer selling premium "nature inspired" brands and products that are kind to your body and to the environment. We are committed to making a positive difference to the world that we all live in with a specific focus on preservation of the natural environment and in helping the lives of children who will inherit this beautiful world of ours. We have offices and distribution centres in Rustington, West Sussex in the United Kingdom and in Mount Maunganui, New Zealand."

I had recently purchased a pair of Bearpaw slippers at a local department store, so I was familiar with that brand and was a big fan, so imagine my delight when I got the chance to review a pair of Bearpaw boots from Nature Shop! 

I chose the Women's Sheepskin Boots in Raina Black for review, along with a pair of baby booties in chestnut for Mason. 

I cannot express enough just how much I LOOVE these boots!!! I chose black, for the obvious reasons that you can't see dirt, grime, or stains as easily, and that's important with little ones running around. I received these boots about a month ago, and I have worn them every single day since getting them!

(Excuse the white snow stains in the pics above....LOL) These boots are SO very warm, and lined with premium sheep skin. They are easy to get on and off, and easy to tuck my pants into as well. They are also super duper CUTE!!! I don't have many things I can call "mine" these days, since becoming a mama, so to have something like these boots that make me feel good and cute is important to me. 

These boots also have excellent tread on them, which is highly important for the winter months here in Vermont, with crazy icy sidewalks and roads.

I have gotten so many compliments on these boots too. Friends, family, and even complete strangers compliment me on them! 

The baby booties I received for review are wonderful as well. Unfortunately, I do not have any photos of Mason wearing them, because it seemed like every time he had them on, we were driving somewhere or I didn't have the camera ready, or some other reason. But, unfortunately, I should have gotten them in the next size up because he only got to wear them a handful of times and now they don't fit him anymore. :-( I am so sad about this!! These booties are super super cute, and since Mason doesn't walk yet, they are perfect for him to wear out and about to keep his little feet warm. The few times he did wear them though, we got loads of compliments on them and his feet were extra warm when we got home and took them off, so I know they were well insulated and of great quality.

Another thing I love about Nature Shop is that all of their brands and products have what Nature Shop refers to as "Green Credentials."

"All of the brands and products that we sell at Nature Shop have strong "green credentials". They all operate their businesses in an environmentally responsible manner and many of them go far above and beyond. Our products include "nature inspired" fashion ranges that include Icebreaker clothing, sheepskin boots, sheepskin slippers and fashion sandals. Our outdoor department products include performance merino sportswear from Icebreaker and outdoor footwear from KEEN. We stock a selection of premium organic baby clothing from Nature Baby, Green Baby and Snooky as well as baby shoes from KEEN and Simple. We are authorised sellers of all of the brands of products that we sell and we are happy to provide you with details to verify this."

Being "green" and being aware of the environment around us and how we are treating our environment is very important and something we all need to take more time to think about, and so I pride Nature Shop on striving to do this in the brands and products they choose to carry and sell.

You can purchase the boots reviewed in this post and many other items at Nature Shop!

**DISCLAIMER** I received the above product(s) from Nature Shop free of charge in exchange for an honest review. No other compensation was received. However, all opinions are strictly my own.

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