Thursday, January 5, 2012

Glodose Medicine Dropper - Review & Giveaway

If you're a parent (as most of you amazing followers are!) then there is no doubt you have dealt with a sick or teething baby in the middle of the night, and needed to break out the Tylenol or other medication, and need to turn the lights on to see what you are doing and make sure you are getting the dosage right, and all that fun stuff. It's a hassle, right?

"Like all mothers, those times when my children are sick are the most troubling for me. As a mother, I unfortunately learned that it is usually late at night when children's fevers peak and their illness makes them most irritable. When my own children were sick and would wake at night, feverish and cranky, my sole priority would become getting them back to sleep as quickly and comfortably as possible. Because I would need to administer medicine to them at night, I would be torn between the need to have a light in their room to make sure I was giving them the right dose, and the fear that opening the light in their room would further irritate them and make their returning to sleep more difficult. And because my older children share a bedroom, turning on the lights could wake up my other child unnecessarily."

Well, now there is a solution to that problem!


"GloDose® is the mom-invented medicine dropper that makes administering medicine easier. When it comes to innovative baby products, it's still mom who knows best. With a soft glow, parents can accurately measure the medicine dosage with the lights off, leaving baby to stay comfortable and start getting healthy again."

I was sent one GloDose medicine dropper for my review. My first thought was "Sure. How great could this thing really be?" That thought quickly was erased from my mind upon our first time using this dropper. Mason had some rough nights a month or so ago. Between cutting teeth and fighting bronchitis and a nasty diaper rash, he was one unhappy little boy, and in a lot of pain, especially at night. At the time, he was sleeping in our room still, and though we had a small night light on all night, it's not enough to see to give him the proper dose of medication, so GloDose came in handy so I didn't have to turn on the overhead light in the room, waking Mason up more than he already was and waking the hubs up when he had to get up a few hours later for work. 

With a simple push of a little button, GloDose literally lights up and glows in the dark, illuminating the whole dropper so you can see where the medicine is inside the dropper, and know that you are giving your child the proper dosage during those groggy, middle of the night moments. 

Glodose definitely makes life easier for us mamas, takes the guesswork out of administering medication. Administering improper dosages of medication, even something that seems so easy as over the counter Tylenol, can prove extremely dangerous to little ones, and using GloDose takes away the very high chance of administering too much medication because of weak light to see what you are doing.

GloDose was also the recipient of the 2011 Best Product Award!

Not only is this dropper easy to use, it's easy to clean too. To wash the dropper, you simply separate the dropper tube from the top part, and wash the tube in warm soapy water, and then rinse and dry completely. Be sure not to immerse the handle/top portion in water, though.

I would definitely recommend this product to all of my mama friends, it is a must have for the medicine cabinet!

Purchase It: You can purchase the GloDose medicine dropper at their website.

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April G said...

ZOMG, I saw a review of this a few months ago and I waaaaaant it. :D I should have asked for it for Christmas. Having to turn the light on to medicate my fussy, teething, already angry children in the middle of the night? AWFUL. Did I mention I want to win this? ;) So glad you're doing a giveaway and I have a chance!

Blake said...

Hi April! This is definitely a wonderful invention, and so very handy! I absolutely love it! Thanks so much for following my blog and entering my giveaway, and GOOD LUCK!! :-)