Monday, January 30, 2012

No Slippy Hair Clippy Review & Giveaway

"No Slippy Hair Clippy® is well known for creating the non-slip hair accessories® category,
and is still the finest product of its kind anywhere!"

As a mother to one adorable little girl (hey, so what if I'm biased!), I love dressing her up in cute dresses, shoes, and of course, doing her hair. Merasia LOVES getting her hair done. She is constantly asking for "hair ties" to do her hair or her hair clips. Up until recently, we didn't have a lot of hair clips to use for her hair, or the ones we did have always seemed to be slipping or falling out.....and Merasia is devastated when her hair clips or hair ties slip or fall out. She always says "Oh no, mommy! Oh no!" and asks me to "Fix it."

I was skeptical when I first found No Slippy Hair Clippy's website. Really? Hair clippies that don't slip and actually stay in? Needless to say, I found that highly unlikely....

From their website:

"Our first "no-slip hair clip" was invented out of sheer frustration in 2000. It took a mom with an almost-bald baby girl to invent a hair clip that would stay securely in place and look cute. For countless generations, baby girls have often been mistaken for boys, and until No Slippy Hair Clippy® opened its doors in 2001, you couldn’t find a hair accessory created specifically to stay in baby-fine hair. Thanks to us, your daughter’s generation no longer has to worry about being mistaken for a BOY!

Our hair clips are quite unique, with a patent pending. Originally designed with a magnet to enhance the hold, we now use a more expensive Plush Swiss Velvet wrapped completely around the metal clip, to provide an identical snug, secure grip. It’s now  lighter weight, and so soft she won’t even know it’s there! Our clips won’t hurt if she pulls them out, either, and because we use the highest quality clips available, they don’t bend easily, like others do. Truly the world’s finestnon-slip clip®!"

I was sent several different hair clips to try out for review. I was sent the Emily bow, 2 peace sign clipettes in black, the Belinda pinch clip in turquoise, and a cute little butterfly clip that I can't seem to find right now on the website. I also was sent a cute pink hair clip holder for review!

I love all of these hair clips!!! First off, they completely proved me wrong in my doubts of them being completely non slippy or not....they definitely do NOT slip out of Merasia's hair! I love that the clip parts of these clippies are manufactured with nice soft velvet to prevent pulling hair and help them stay put.

The first clips Merasia wanted to try out were the peace sign clipettes.

These clips looked ADORABLE in her hair, and I love how snug they stayed the whole day! She was super cute too, and really loved these clips. I'm sure part of the reason was because they weren't getting snagged in her hair or pulling it, and they stayed in so she didn't have to have me fix them multiple times a day.

I had some pictures of her with the other clips in, but for some reason can't find them now! :-(

We did go to a local inside carnival thing a couple weeks ago with the kiddos, and she wore the pink bow clip, and it stayed in the entire day, even through her going in the bounce house, playing games, running around, and going in the ball tunnel....

Merasia has worn all of these clips at least once, and most, more then a few times. She loves them all, and so do I! They all stay put throughout the day, even when she is playing at her hardest! And when we do take them out, there is no pulling or snagging her hair, and they are very comfortable for her to wear all day and sometimes she even falls asleep for her nap with them in, but it doesn't seem to bother her one bit. 

I love the clip holder too! Right before we got these clips in for review, she got a few hair clips from her aunt for her birthday, and now, I have somewhere to hang all of her hair clippies that helps keep them safe (by that I mean not lost....), organized, and within easy reach whenever she feels like wearing her hair clippies.

There are so many options for No Slippy Hair Clippy...there are some way cute ones for babies, and even stylish and cute ones for teens and mamas! I love the large selection they have to offer! And the prices absolutely cannot be beat. The quality is amazing, too, which is an added bonus. 

No Slippy Hair Clippies are a MUST HAVE for all mamas and daughters! 

Purchase it: No Slippy Hair Clippies can be purchased at their website.

WIN IT: ONE lucky reader of Mama 2 Multiples is going to WIN a $25 gift certificate to No Slippy Hair Clippies! 

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Anonymous said...

I would get the Nahla and Alexis clips for my niece
Michelle Macaluso

Char W said...

Definitely some things from the Karielle line and flowers.

Anne N. said...

love this headband called Reagan,

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